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Parley Pro
Rosanna Mannan Webinar


AdTech Contracts: Common Pitfalls and Advantages when Negotiating Between a Publisher and a SSP

The revenue for many tech companies (including Google and Meta) depends on advertising. In fact, the total spending on advertising is expected to reach $630 billion by 2024, when in 2021 it was $438 billion.

This webinar will introduce you to the Adtech industry and discuss:

• The difference between a Publisher, SSP, DSP, and DMP

• Using the IAB terms vs. using a Terms and Conditions

• What terms to look out for and what terms are favorable for a company (Publisher) who is selling their ad inventory to an SSP.

We look forward to having you join us in this intriguing discussion.

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2022 Parley Pro, 4546 El Camino Real,
Suite 203, Los Altos, CA. 94022

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