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EAI in the EU: An overview of the EU's AI Strategy and how it will impact Multinational Contracts

This presentation is the third in this series and will focus on the EU's approach to Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact multinational contracts. For the last several years, the EU has been implementing its AI Strategy. At the same time, the EU has made privacy and data security a major regulatory focus and concern for businesses of all sizes. The nature of AI and how it impacts contracts in general can be at odds with the privacy and data security goals of the EU, which can lead to legal headaches, especially for multinational contracts. Please join us for a discussion with Annmarie Giblin, cyber law attorney and thought leader, to discuss the EU's AI strategy, how it conflicts with its privacy and data security goals, and what this all means for multinational contracts.

You will learn:

• The fundamentals of the EU's AI Strategy, how they conflict with the EU's privacy and data security laws, and how this conflict is being addressed by the EU
• How multinational contracts will be impacted by the AI strategy and the legal issues, including compliance concerns, that may arise
• Best practices to identify and address these issues in multinational contracts

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